Why choose FPP
as your producer responsibility organisation?

The strongest link in packaging recycling

Being a Finnish Packaging Producers customer makes your life easier. Your producer responsibility will be handled by the country’s leading recycling forerunner, with the experience, expertise and drive to provide you with a comprehensive service.

A trusted and respected professional

  • Serving 4700 companies across industries.
  • Working closely with the best experts and authorities in the field.
  • Major trade and industrial firms as stockholders.

A wide range of experience and expertise

  • We recycle around 90% of the packaging waste covered by producer responsibility in Finland.
  • We are the leading recycler of all producer and consumer packaging materials.
  • We promote the circular economy and sustainable development not only for companies but also for Finland as a whole.

Effective and cost-efficient practices

  • Our recycling rate is top-class.
  • Our activities are based on the most efficient technologies and practices.
  • The efficiency of our recycling chain also allows for competitive prices.