finnish packaging producers ltd

Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd (FPP) ensures the organising of producer responsibilities for packaging in Finland. We enable the recycling and reuse of packaging for both producers and consumers. We work together with waste management operators and authorities, and ensure that recycling targets for packaging are met and that recycling statistics are reliable and transparent. 

merger of producer organisations for packaging

The Waste Act was revised in July 2021 so that the opreations of a producer organisation for packaging must cover all packaging materials. Previously, there were five separate producer organisations for packaging in Finland, one for each material; glass, metal, paper fiber, plastic and wood. Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd was founded to continue the operations of material specific producer organisations. The producer organisations Mepak-Kierrätys Oy, Puupakkausten Kierrätys PPK Oy and Suomen Kuitukierrätys Oy have merged into Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd on 30.9.2022. In addition, FPP continues the operations of Suomen Keräyslasiyhdistys ry (glass). Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd was entered into the producer register on 29 September 2022. Suomen Pakkaustuottajat Oy rekisteröitiin tuottajavastuurekisteriin 29.9.2022.

All producer organisations for packaging had co-operated for a number of years before Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd was founded. Also Suomen Pakkauskierrätys RINKI Oy has for long operated certain tasks on behalf of the predecessors of FPP, for example recycling fee invoicing.